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Athletic Republic has tested, studied and perfected the programs we implement. Acceleration training will improve athlete's speed, power and agility. How do we do it? We create the ultimate training environment with our trainers, our Acceleration Training Programs and our equipment. Holding six patents and having developed over 2000 proprietary training protocols, we administer programs that cater specifically to each sport and every athlete. ;

Training Options:

[Acceleration Training] With 20-26 training sessions spread out over 6-8 weeks, athletes improve linear or sprinting speed, explosive power for a quicker first step or vertical elevation and active recovery to sustain performance at game speed.

[Cord Conditioning] Strategically-applied resistance cords improve velocity and power for running, throwing, kicking, shooting, hitting, spiking, swinging and serving. These cords are utilized in conjunction with sport-specific drills.

[Athletic Repubic Off-Site] Early-season team conditioning that matches proprietary plyometric and dynamic stability drills, speed work and cord conditioning with the demands of a specific sport. This program incorporates performance improvement measures through pre- and post- conditioning evaluations, recorded in ""My Republic.""

All Acceleration programs are designed to be done four days a week, consisting of TWO runs/skate sessions, ONE plyometric session and ONE additional strength training day. Sessions are TWO hours in length (ONE hour Acceleration and ONE hour of strength training).